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Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those effected by the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight #17.

In Your Mercy Lord.

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These hymnals were dedicated to the glory of the God and to the memory to Ted Mahan.

Dedication in the inside cover.

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Rev. Evan made a big announcement yesterday during worship; if you missed it, click here to read about this new adventure he is embarking on!

Resurrection Sunday

Easter has to be more than the reanimation of a body. Easter is more than a person getting back up from the dead… even Lazarus did this. The message of the Easter more is centered in the notion that God has the power to create life out of something the world thinks is dead, to restore something that seems impossible, to bring forth something from nothing.
Easter is more than eggs and candy– it is about the conquering of death and the promise of grace.– Rev. Evan Dolive



Photo Credit: “Resurrection Sunday” by Luz Adriana Villa via Flickr. Used under the Creative Common License 2.0